Happy 20th Birthday Nicholas Jerry Jonas! I honestly cannot believe you’re 20 years old today. It seems just like yesterday you were that adorable 15 year old kid, who sold out Madison Square Gardens with his brothers. - I’m so proud of you, so so proud. And I love you, more than you will never know. You are incredible, you have achieved so much. Words cannot describe how I feel right now, but I love you, that’s for sure. So, thank you for everything, genuinely. I don’t think you will ever understand how much you have changed my life, just by being you. You have saved my life, seriously, and I’ll never be able to thank you enough for that. Thank you, just thank you. I will love you forever. Happy Birthday!

Happy 20th Birthday Nick Jonas!. My beautiful/talented/funny(hahaha ya)/hot as fuck Nicholas Jerry Jonas, words can explain how proud i am of you, just look at you, you’re a twenty years old boy now and you just did so many awesome things that boys at your age wish have done, is just unbelievable how talented and beautiful you are my little boy i just having my proud mom feelings rn btw, i just can’t wait for this new era in your career with your brothers, can’t wait for new music, tours, albums, win awards and all the stuff, also i can’t accept that you are turning 20th! i just wanna live in the past when you were a cute little sixteen boy. I love you so freaking much bc a stayer always will stay my boo #stayclassy.

happy bday Nick Jonas

Happy Birthday, Nicholas! Well it is kind of hard to put down in words all my feelings right now. I can’t believe I’m writing this text because it’s your 20th birthday. Twenty years of a precious life. Your existence is part of my life, you’ve become someone so important to me during these years. Since I first saw you I knew I wouldn’t be able to continue my life without you. I saw you and I knew you were different, that you had something very special that would make my life a better life. It wasn’t my decision, I didn’t ask for it, it just happened. And I honestly couldn’t be more grateful. You’ve been one of the most beautiful things life has ever given me. God, it’s really hard to express here how much I love you and how greateful I am for you being part of my life. I don’t really know what would I be doing right now if I wouldn’t have seen you and your brothers on a youtube video performing a couple years ago. Nicholas, you’ve taught me a different way to love someone, but I promise is the most sincere feeling I’ve ever felt. The most sincere feeling. Thanks for being here for me, always. In your music I can find peace. Thanks for making me love you and thanks for making me fall more in love with you. These years by your side have been amazing, I couldn’t imagine my life right now without you. I love you more than anyone could ever imagine, I’ll be always here baby, you’re not alone.

Wow I’m so emotional right now. I just wish I could give you the biggest hug today. Happy birthday baby, have a beautiful day, just like you deserve. I hope this new year in your life is coming full of happiness and good things. Te amo.

I can’t believe that you’re twenty now like when did this happen!??! Weren’t you like sixteen yesterday? You’re just a year older than me, yet, it feels like you’re growing faster than me. Even though you’re in your early twenties now, you’re still young and you have accomplished so, SO much for a barely twenty year old. You’re an inspiration to so many people and you’re seriously a #blessing. You’re an actor, singer, songwriter, etc. etc. etc. You can do almost anything handed to you (except dancing, you grandpa). Sometimes I have a hard time believing that you’re real. I’m so proud to call you one of my idols and inspirations and you will always be.
Happy birthday, Nicholas Jerry Jonas.


@nickjonas →Angel, first of all… happy amazing birthday, i can’t believe you’re 20 years old now, 20 years of success, 20 years of making this a better world just by existing. Words are not enough to tell you what you mean to me, YOU ARE MY WHOLE LIFE and i’m not even kidding, you’re an angel, you’re a hero, you’re an inspiration, you’re absolutely everything. I always thank God for putting you and your brothers on my way… since the day you came into my life you changed it all, you made me STRONGER, you gave me a million reasons to keep living, to keep smiling, to keep fighting for my dreams. You teached me how to never give up, you gave me the strength i needed back then so, i will never thank you enough because words are not enough, words can’t express ALL that you mean to me. Nicholas thank you for being a LIGHT in my life, i swear no matter how bad life can be because you will always be here for me through every song, every picture, every memory, every smile, you’re always here. You are an amazing human being, you knew it… right? You’re INCREDIBLE, there’s nothing in this world you can’t do! God bless you TODAY and everyday. Please never stop being yourself because you’re perfect, you don’t need to change ANYTHING. Maybe you won’t ever know who i am and probably you don’t even care if i exist but it doesn’t matter, I’ll always be here for you, to support you in every possible way. You are my inspiration, you are my reason to live. I love you and there’s no way to change that feeling, you saved my life, you are my hero. Thank you for every word, every song, every speech… you change my life all the time. Never stop smiling… i would die. Happy Birthday!

Happy 20th Birthday Nicholas Jerry Jonas.

Wow, you’re 20 years old. That’s really hard to believe, actually. IDK, why? Because, we’re the same age. But wow, you’re 20! I can remember when you were the sweet, cute, shy little Nick. I remember your full head of curls, I remember way back when. You’ve come so far since then and you’ve changed so much. I am so beyond proud of everything you’ve accomplished. You are so intelligent, so talented, so wonderful, so amazing and I love you to pieces. You are wonder fantastic, amazing and beautiful person. You’re going to go even further in life, and you deserve the world. You deserve all the happiness in the world. I love you so much, Nick. Happy 20th birthday, Nicholas Jerry Jonas